Thriving Writers.


Inspire & Writing

Part of thriving leadership involves effective communication. More than that, it's about getting in touch with the message of your life. Eventually, that message leads many leaders to convey that truth in writing. Thrive9 partners with leaders to craft their message and publish their writing in various formats...from blogs to newsletters to articles to ebooks to print books.


Navigating the Industry

The publishing world is in the throws of massive upheaval and change in this generation. The rules change from year to year as more traditional book stores close, new technologies emerge, publishers go under, and hybrid companies try to take their market share. The good news is that self-publishing has never been easier, less expensive, and higher quality. This is the route for most authors these days. Still, for those willing to take the risk and work the system, opportunities in royalty publishing remain. Thrive9 partners with authors, new and established, in the following ways:

  • Book conceptualization
  • Tightening the message and vision
  • Clarifying the audience and impact
  • Structural composition
  • Technical skill analysis
  • Story development & content management
  • Book proposals & publishing consultation
  • Self-publishing assistance
  • Marketing plan development


Complimentary Consultation

For a no-cost exploration of your writing vision and coaching opportunities, complete our online survey here. I use a proprietary 6-session Write Map process to help authors launch their vision toward reality!


More Writing Resources


Client Books.

The following are a selection of books published by Thrive9 clients.