The Thrive Story.


"We sat across from one another face to face in a generic diner in a small town in North Carolina. For the past year there had been a rising tide of realization within me that was now overflowing the retaining walls of my denial, and I realized--with a twinge of panic--that we were not living life, but that life was living us. That no matter how good it might appear on the surface, we were no longer in charge. Life had got us by the tail, and it wouldn't let go! As my eyes met Kellie's across the table, we connected in a moment of life-changing decision: We've got to get out! " 

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Thus begins my first book Soul Space...and thus began my journey, my commitment to a life of whole-hearted thriving. Thriving as a man, a leader, a husband and father. Life has a way of bringing our destiny to our front door, often by way of crisis and suffering. And as a result, we discover who we are really meant to be...and what we are really meant to do! You know. You have a similar story. This is the birth story of Thrive9.


After 12 years in church leadership, the crisis above led us to the mountains of Colorado for a year-long sabbatical. We emerged from that time with the proverbial "new lease on life" and a new vision for thriving. The next four years was a time of writing--synthesizing and articulating these new-found perspectives. Five books later, we landed at another crossroads in 2005. A providential conversation led me to explore the world of professional life and leadership coaching, and so it began. Or more accurately, continued.


In the years since, we have experienced many ups and downs as the mission and vision of Thrive9 became incrementally clearer. Now we look back at the hundreds of clients who have been impacted by and subsequently chosen a culture of thriving for themselves. That is its own reward.


Welcome to thriving!  Welcome to the community.

  ~  Jerome Daley, founder


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