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Culture is the air we breathe, the water we "swim" in, the glasses we look through...without realizing we're wearing glasses. It is the hundred unspoken assumptions about who we are, why we're here, and how to get the job done. Culture is what propels us powerfully forward as a well-oiled harmonious team...or what mires us hopelessly in unspoken competition, interdepartmental frustration, and lackluster results.

We spend our days somewhere between those two poles.

As leaders we must regularly extract ourselves from all the work "in the business" work "on the business." We must reassess, recalibrate, and relaunch toward our goals by building a thriving culture. This is where Thrive9 comes in.

As your partner in business, in leadership, and in life, we help you build that culture. On purpose.

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How do we get culture results? We draw from a wide variety of methods and sources. Our allegiance is not to a particular model or philosophy; instead we have created our own adaptive models based upon the tools we have found most compelling, including these: