Organizational Culture.Shift


To change your culture is to change your future.

It's common to believe that an organization's future is determined by its P&L statements, its stock price, the charisma of its leadership, or its brand acceptance in the market. All of these elements contribute...but nothing will shape your organization's long-term success as much as its culture. It is the one non-negotiable.

Culture is its internal bill-of-health. Culture drives attitudes, collaboration, innovation, and ultimately...productivity and profitability. Yes, the bottom line will eventually reflect the health (or lack of health) of your company or organization. So it's worth asking, How can we craft and improve our culture to thrive? 


How we do it...

  • We listen. Effective consulting begins with understanding what is working well now and what needs to improve as perceived by leadership.
  • We assess. Using our ThriveCheck® data points we uncover the deeper truths of the entire workgroup.
  • We equip. Once we identify high-value targets we develop training experiences for your teams to incorporate new mindsets and tools.
  • We empower. Classroom learning is reinforced by personal coaching to develop self-leadership and organizational health.


Here are our top tools for maximum impact:

  1. Regular infusions of inspiring vision toward a thriving culture...both from internal leaders as well as subject-matter experts (like us).
  2. Active modeling and culture crafting from your top leadership. (We can't do that for you.)
  3. Annual off-site retreats with senior leadership to evaluate and upgrade key culture metrics. (We can do that for you.)
  4. Leadership coaching with strategic influencers across the organization.
  5. ThriveCheck assessment and interviews for real-world culture measurement.
  6. Custom curriculum development as needed.
  7. Targeted workshops to address missing / weak elements in the culture.
  8. Performance coaching and team development among key departments.
  9. Communication plan development for ongoing culture support. 
  10. Periodic evaluation and recalibration of thrive goals. 


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