Why do we do what we do? Here are the things that fuel us and get us out of bed in the morning:



Our mission is to inspire and equip leaders and the organizations they lead toward a thriving culture.



Our vision is to see a new generation of leaders and organizations who are passionate and skilled in the art of thriving leadership, who craft a thriving culture in their sphere of influence, and who contribute to a rising shift in global thinking about organizational health.



  • Transformation. Projects are important...but temporary. Profitability is vital...but a means to an end. Formation is the big story. It's who we are becoming--as people, as leaders, and as communities--that matters most.
  • Relationship. Transformation only occurs in the context of relational trust and purposeful partnership.
  • Resistance. Just as with building muscles, personal growth and development requires obstacles and challenge.
  • Patience. Personal and organizational health are not measured in months but in decades.


Why "9" ?

Thrive9 is a reference to the 9 Elements of a thriving leadership culture.  Hit the button to the right to take a simplified ThriveCheck personal assessment for free. Here are the 9 Elements:

  1. I sustain meaningful connections.
  2. I protect my core values. 
  3. I manage my creative energy. 
  4. I set clear boundaries. 
  5. I cultivate constructive transparency. 
  6. I foster a coaching culture. 
  7. I elevate and collaborate with teammates. 
  8. I maintain a sharp focus. 
  9. I inspire others toward significance.