Leadership Culture.Shift


To change your culture is to change your destiny.

Just as every company and organization has a culture, so every individual has his or her own personal culture--a culture that influences everyone under your leadership. A culture that is generating positive or negative influence to those around you. And we all have some of both.


What matters most is knowing!

We all have a general idea of our influence on others, but it is typically skewed as it comes through our filters. Because of that, thriving leaders engage external tools, supports, and activities to better understand--and upgrade--the culture influence we most want to exert.


Here are some power tools for shifting your personal culture:

  1. 360-degree ThriveCheck assessment and interviews. 
  2. Leadership coaching for goal-setting, feedback, and self-leadership.
  3. Coach training to upgrade your leadership skill.
  4. Writing coaching for articulating personal and organizational culture priorities. 
  5. Presentation coaching to fine-tune your influence through public speaking. 
  6. Thrive sabbaticals, as appropriate, for focused personal and professional development.
  7. Career coaching to position yourself for the next step.
  8. Team development for successful interpersonal skills.
  9. Conflict management to harness these opportunities for personal growth.  
  10. Succession planning, when timely, to create seamless transitions.